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Published on August 18, 2021

By MidlandsClinic

Yvonne Midlands General Surgery

Midlands Clinic is an organization full of multi-faceted employees who deserve recognition and highlighting. Our next employee under the spotlight is Yvonne Heger, who is a scheduler for our general surgery department but also a talented creative in her free time!

Yvonne is a proud grandmother who fell into the world of arts and crafts as a hobby to keep her and her grandkids busy. Around 3 years ago, she and her grandchildren began painting rocks for fun to hide around the Siouxland area. As time went on they continued trying new crafts and Yvonne found herself creating pieces even when her grandkids weren’t around. She has become passionate about this form of creating because she’s able to interact with the kids, get creative juices flowing, and also because it’s relaxing! She says it helps her to relieve stress or wind down the day or week.

Yvonne is still painting rocks to hide around the community but also spends much of her free time creating custom memory and worry stones, t-shirts, coffee mugs, and keychains. She is able to take a picture and turn it into a decal to put on just about any medium someone wants! Yvonne most often creates these pieces to give away, although you are able to purchase an item from her if you want something customized. You can check out her work and request a piece through her Facebook page Von’s Rock Sales & Designs!

Her coworkers at Midlands Clinic admire her for her selfless, generous personality, and how she is able to effortlessly connect with anyone around her. She has made worry stones, keychains, and coffee mugs for her coworkers, family, friends, and even for our patients, as she recently has been creating numerous items to give to those going through our Coordinated Breast Care program. Typically she gives items away anonymously and isn’t able to see the reactions of the people who find or receive them, but she loves seeing the excitement and happy messages on social media from those who find them.

Next time you’re at Midlands Clinic, ask to say hi to Yvonne, our talented rock decorator, and let us know if you’ve seen some of her work out and around Siouxland! 🙂



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