Coordinated Breast Care

Midlands Clinic Coordinated Breast Care

Through our partnership with the June E. Nylen Cancer Center, Midlands Coordinated Breast Care provides inclusive breast cancer care for all aspects of treatment, from diagnosis to reconstruction and healing. You have enough to worry about, that’s why we make our Coordinated Breast Care easy on you.

Shari Moon, our breast care coordinator, will speak with you first to set up all consultations and appointments, from surgery to oncology to reconstruction, if needed.

After your visit with your general surgeon, oncologist, and plastic surgeon, we meet with the entire multi-disciplinary team to discuss your case. After reviewing all available information, we’ll devise your best treatment plan.

The multi-disciplinary meeting gives everyone a chance to weigh in and discuss options for the patient. This teamwork eliminates confusion and stress, streamlines the treatment process, and puts you on the path to healing with a specific road map in place.

At Midlands Clinic, you’ll never be alone with breast cancer. You’ll be with the best.

Your team includes:

Your Family Physician and/or OBGYN

General Surgeon

Radiologist – A physician trained in the diagnostic use of x-rays, ultrasound, and imaging.

Pathologist – Specialist in the study of disease.

Radiation Oncologist – Oncologist trained in the use of radiation for the treatment of cancers.

Medical Oncologist – Oncologist who treats cancers with chemotherapy, hormones, biologicals, or immunologic agents.

Plastic Surgeon – A surgeon specializing in breast reconstruction after your treatment.

Breast Care Coordinator – Patient’s personal advocate and contact during their course of treatment.