Weight Loss Surgery Options

At Midlands Clinic, we understand the issues that stem from obesity. From a lack of mobility to low quality of life, our goal is not only to help our patients lose a significant amount of weight but also to improve their quality of life while positively impacting their health and wellness. 

The surgeons at Midlands Clinic have been performing weight loss surgery since 1976, and we are proud to offer the latest technologies in laparoscopic weight loss surgery. Since 2002, we have performed over 1,800 laparoscopic weight loss surgeries, with fewer complications than the national average.

Since 2003, Midlands Clinic has taken a team approach to weight loss surgery care by utilizing a comprehensive educational program for our patients. This team includes psychologists, registered nurses, insurance specialists, and an in-house dietitian to help our patients make lasting changes to their lifestyles to promote long-term success.

Midlands Clinic offers the following weight loss surgery options:


For More Information

If you have any questions, or would just like more information about this program, please contact our Bariatric Coordinator, Heather, at (605) 217-5511.

You can also reach Heather by email: hgarlinghouse@midlandsclinic.com.