Our Process

At Midlands Coordinated Breast Care, we believe collaborative care is the most compassionate care, which is why we offer a comprehensive, team-based approach to your treatment. Your interdisciplinary medical team – your general surgeon, oncologist, and plastic surgeon – work together to coordinate the best care for you.

Your coordinated breast care, step by step.

The process begins once you get diagnosed with breast cancer. Your family physician or OBGYN can refer you to us, or you can call us directly. You will talk to Barb Hansen, our Breast Care Coordinator, and she will work with you to schedule your first appointment within a week of diagnosis.

Step 1

You begin your healing journey at Midlands Clinic. Barb greets you when you arrive. At this appointment, you will meet with a general surgeon who will discuss your surgical options. Barb will then coordinate the scheduling of appointments with other specialties of the team, such as oncology or plastic surgery,

Step 2

Every Thursday the multidisciplinary team meets to discuss all current cases. This eliminates any communication breakdowns. They will discuss your case, based on your latest medical records, photos, and radiology slides and agree on a recommended plan of treatment. Barb Hansen will call you directly with the outcome of that meeting and if more procedures or tests need to be ordered.

The team includes:



Radiation Oncologist

Medical Oncologist

Breast Care Coordinator Barb Hansen

Plastic Surgeon

June E. Nylen Patient Navigator

Step 3

Once your recommended plan of treatment is created, we will meet with you again to discuss your options moving forward, including any different procedures. The goal is to accomplish all three of these steps in one to get you on the path of healing quickly and safely.

For more information, call our Breast Care Coordinator, Barb Hansen at (605) 217-5570