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Non-Invasive Cancer Treatment

Non-Invasive Cancer Treatment

A cancer diagnosis is something no one wants to hear. But, doctors right here in Siouxland are looking to make the process easier by bringing non-invasive cancer treatments to patients.

“Different types of cancers have different ways that they grow,” Interventional Radiologist Neal Khurana said.

Dr. Khurana sees many types of cancers, and the good news is that transarterial chemoembolization and radioembolization are available as non-invasive treatment options. Using these treatment options, Dr. Khurana can access the blood vessel supplying the tumor through a small incision, and then cut off the blood supply. These options are also known for reducing the chance of side effects such as nausea or hair loss.

“So we can capitalize on that by attacking the blood supply, therefore, shutting down the growth,” Dr. Khurana said. “We’re able to go to the blood vessel that supplies the tumor with the cancer and inject particles that contain chemotherapy or radiation and have them cut off blood supply to the tumor and therefore kill the tumor.”

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