Midlands Weight Loss Surgery Financing

Midlands Weight Loss Surgery Financing


At the time of your initial consultation, you will have a general outline of the surgical process explained to you by your weight loss surgeon. The surgeon will then complete an individual history and physical consult with you, at which time he will be gathering information to include in his letter to your insurance company in request of pre-determination. You will also meet with our Bariatric Coordinator, Heather Garlinghouse. At this time she will review your insurance information and you will have financial responsibilities explained to you.


The insurance process is a vital part of your surgery. This process takes time, but it will help relieve your financial burden in the end.

If your insurance company excludes this type of coverage, you will have no benefits available to pay for your consultation or your surgery. Should you decide to have the surgery without insurance coverage, the procedure is then considered an elective self-pay procedure and full payment would be due prior to your surgery.

The pre-determination letter is submitted to verify that there is coverage available for you for your surgery, as well as to allow the insurance company to determine medical necessity. This is a process required by both your insurance company and Midlands Clinic, P.C. The pre-determination process takes approximately 4-6 weeks for the insurance company to complete.


If your insurance company does not provide you with benefits for weight loss surgery, we do offer self-pay options to cover our procedures.

Self Pay Procedures:



LAP BAND $9,995

Disclaimer: All prices are subject to change. Self-pay prices are quoted for procedures performed at the Dunes Surgical Hospital.


Effective April 2018, Midlands Clinic is offering Care Credit as a financing option. Check out the link below or call our Bariatric Coordinator for more information.

Pre-determination or financial questions, contact Heather at (605) 217-5511.