Midlands Weight Loss Surgery Program

Midlands Weight Loss Surgery Program

One of the most critical elements of a successful bariatric program is the offering of a “holistic” model of treatment of care, involving pre- and post-surgical services and lifestyle support to our patients.

Clinical results show a decreased length of stay, less post-op complications, higher weight loss, and a higher quality of life when patients attend a comprehensive bariatric program to prepare them for and support them during this life-altering experience. Successful outcomes are highly dependent on post-surgery compliance with behavioral changes. The pre- and post- operative education must focus on the permanent lifestyle changes that occur after surgery.

Bariatric surgery (gastric bypass, Lap Band, and sleeve gastrectomy) is a lifelong commitment and will permanently change you emotionally and physically. It is not a quick fix, but a tool that requires complete adherence to lifestyle changes to be successful. At Midlands Clinic Bariatric Education Program, you will be working with an in-house Registered Dietitian, a Bariatric Education Nurse, and Psychologists as you make these changes to your lifestyle. The program itself is a series of educational classes that focuses on the “how-to’s” of making these critical changes.

Your weight loss journey, step by step.

  1. Attend a seminar with one of our expert weight loss surgeons. 
  2. Schedule your initial consultation.
  3. Begin our education program.
  4. Confirm insurance approval and schedule your surgery.
  5. Surgery.
  6. Post-operative appointments and continued support from the Midlands Weight Loss Surgery team.


Our program also features a Bariatric Support Group that you will attend prior to and after your surgery. As a staff, we understand your struggles and we want to help. Our team is specialized in weight loss surgery and all of our team members have been trained in bariatric sensitivity. Lastly, all of our education classes take place in a facility that is geared toward our patients – with chairs and scales to accommodate all bariatric patients.


Our Registered Dietitian and Bariatric Education Nurse will educate you on everything from how your surgery is performed, to your pre- and post-operative diet, to how you will make changes to your lifestyle, and more.

They will work with you to develop a pre-operative diet plan to begin the steps necessary for a successful weight loss outcome. They will also instruct you on keeping a journal of your diet and exercise to help you make changes to your lifestyle.

The Dietitian and Bariatric Nurse will meet with you again approximately 4-6 weeks after your surgery, and again 3-4 months after your surgery. They will assist you in diet planning, food preparation, exercise advice, and answer any questions or concerns you may need assistance with.

Click here for the recommended vitamin and mineral regimen.


Initially your physician will refer you to a Psychologist for a Psychological Evaluation. This evaluation may include general psychiatric functioning, depression, eating disorders, alcohol abuse/ dependence, trauma issues, night eating issues, and marital issues.

A dictated assessment with recommendations will be completed and forwarded to your surgeon. Recommendations may include referral for psychiatric medication management, ongoing individual therapy, chemical dependency treatment and participation in the pre- and post-operative bariatric group sessions.

The program also includes a series of Behavior Modification Classes, which will focus on education of eating management, compliance with behavioral changes, body image changes, relationship issues, stress management, anger/mood management, and coping skills designed to assist in modifying your lifestyle.