Midlands Weight Loss Surgery Program

One of the most critical elements of a successful bariatric program is the offering of a “holistic” model of treatment of care, involving pre- and post-surgical services and lifestyle support. Our main priority is to be an asset to our patients and provide assistance and care for life.

Your Weight Loss Journey, Step by Step

1. View our seminar.

View our virtual weight loss surgery seminar by clicking here.

2. Schedule Your Initial Consultation

At the time of your initial consultation, you will have a general outline of the surgical process explained to you by your weight loss surgeon.  The surgeon will then complete an individual history and physical with you at which time he will help you decide what surgical option is best for you.  You will also meet with our Bariatric Coordinator who will discuss insurance benefits, requirements, and your financial responsibilities.  We know the insurance process can be overwhelming. Our Bariatric Coordinator will be here to walk you through the entire process.

3. Complete our Educational Program

Our educational program consists of a multidisciplinary team that will walk you through the lifestyle changes necessary for long-term success.  Part of our team includes an in-house Bariatric Dietitian and Bariatric Nurses who will educate you on everything from how your surgery is performed, to your pre-and post-operative diet and exercise plan, to teaching you how to make these changes to your lifestyle.

The program includes a series of Behavior Modification Classes that will focus on education of eating management, compliance with behavioral changes, body image changes, relationship issues, eating triggers, and coping skills designed to assist in modifying your lifestyle.

The Bariatric Educational Team will follow up with you before and after surgery.  In addition to the classes at Midlands Clinic, your weight loss surgeon will refer you to a psychologist for a psychological examination.  This evaluation may address general psychiatric functioning, depression, eating disorders, alcohol abuse/dependence, trauma issues, or support/relationship issues.

Our program also features a Bariatric Support Group that you will attend prior to and after your surgery. As a staff, we understand your struggles and we want to help. Our team is specialized in weight loss surgery and all of our team members have been trained in bariatric sensitivity. Lastly, all of our education classes take place in a facility that is geared toward our patients – with chairs and scales to accommodate all bariatric patients.

Current Support Group Schedule

June 21, 2022: Dining Out the Healthy Way
July 5, 2022:  Summer Grilling Tips and a 30 Day Grilling Menu Plan
July 19, 2022:  Open Question and Discussion
August 2, 2022:  6 Tips to Make Working Out in Summer’s Heat and Humidity More Tolerable
August 16, 2022:  Why Can I Eat This Much?  4 Questions to Ask Yourself before Assuming you’ve Stretched your Pouch
September 6, 2022:  The Fear of Weight Regain and How to get yourself Back on Track
September 20, 2022:  Recipe Substitutes for a Healthier You

4. Confirm Insurance Approval and Schedule Surgery

The Bariatric Coordinator will work closely with you and your insurance company during the insurance approval process. Once we have an insurance approval and you have completed the educational classes, you will be ready to schedule your surgery.

5. Undergo Surgery

The Midlands Clinic weight loss surgeons perform their surgeries at the Dunes Surgical Hospital and MercyOne Medical Center. You will spend one night in the hospital and then go home the next day. Most patients are to work approximately 2 weeks after surgery.


6. Attend Post-Op Meetings

After surgery, you will continue working with your Weight Loss Team.  Your surgeon will request that you have labs drawn yearly so that we can monitor your nutritional health.  Midlands Clinic also has a Weight Loss Surgery Support Group in place to provide information, support, and a place to connect with others who have had weight loss surgery or are researching surgical options.  These meetings are educational and supportive.  You are invited to come and share experiences with other weight loss surgery patients in a fun and exciting environment.


Our goal is not to just follow you for the first few months following weight loss surgery, but to be here for you for the rest of your life.

If you have any questions, or would just like more information about this program, please contact our Bariatric Coordinator, Heather, at (605) 217-5511. You can also reach Heather by email: hgarlinghouse@midlandsclinic.com.