Kathy Hart

Bariatric Nurse Educator

Best piece of healthy advice: Find an activity you enjoy. You will not stick to an exercise unless you enjoy it.

Favorite healthy food: Greek yogurt and I like to add fruit, nuts, and seeds to it.

Favorite form of physical activity: Walking, it’s easy and you can do it anywhere.

Professional experience:

  • RN for 39 years. (Mercy, ER Dialysis Oncology, ICU Homecare Hospice)
  • Graduated St. Joseph School of Nursing in 1978
  • Health Coach Certified
  • Previous Weight Watchers Instructor
  • Started Midlands in Dec. 2016
  • Love using my health coach skills to help pt’s set goals and what they need to do reach their goals

Hometown: Sioux City

High School: Bishop Heelan Catholic