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Get to Know Tabitha Moyer: An Interview with our New Aesthetician

Get to Know Tabitha Moyer: An Interview with our New Aesthetician

Tabitha Moyer, from Eastern Iowa but has practiced all over the country, sat down with us to discuss her career in the skincare industry, what led her to it and some of her favorite parts of the gig! Keep reading to learn all about Tabitha!

What inspired you to become an aesthetician?

My mom was a cosmetologist when I was little and I loved watching her work. It was then that I decided and told her that I wanted to be in this industry!

Can you tell us a little about your career path in the aesthetics industry?

I went to Capri Cosmetology College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa for Esthetics. From there, I worked for a spa in Riverside for awhile. After that, I moved on to open and run my own Spa in Southern Iowa for several years.

I became a licensed instructor and taught at Capri, both in Esthetics and Nail Technology. I then taught at The Salon Professional Academy in Texas after moving there. Teaching esthetics has been so rewarding for me in this profession.

I moved to Louisiana and worked as a Medical Esthetician in a Spa and also helped to open a Salon and Spa at an Assisted Living Facility with a friend of mine. Finally, in 2017 I came to Sioux City where I have been working as an Esthetician.

Do you have any specialties or certifications?

I am certified in Oncology Esthetics which allows me to work with patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiation on their skin or nails. Some of the other specialties I provide include nutritional esthetics to help battle acne, microblading, bridal make up, corrective makeup, full body waxing, anti-aging, and helping compromised skin due to health challenges or acne.

If you were stranded on a deserted island, what would be your one must have skin care item?

Eyecream or SPF!!

What is the most common skin care mistake that clients make?

Using aggressive over the counter products.

What is your favorite treatment and why?

Microblading! I love this most because I primarily work with women who have lost their eyebrows due to health conditions, and I love being able to give them back what they lost and see their confidence grow.

What is your favorite skin care ingredient and why?

Hyaluronic Acid because it will hold up to 1,000 time it’s’ weight in moisture, great for dry and dehydrated skin!

What is the one piece of advice you wish every client followed?

Wear sunscreen, and please stay out of the tanning bed!

Call Midlands Cosmetic at 712-224-7546to schedule an appointment with our amazing aesthetician, Tabitha!