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Published on July 22, 2021

By MidlandsClinic

Amber Britton

If you did not already know, Midlands Clinic has two locations! We have our main multi-specialty clinic located in the Dakota Dunes, and we also have a Dermatology & Cosmetic office located in Morningside near the mall. At Midlands Cosmetic, Dermatology & Skincare, you will see our smiling receptionist, Amber Britton, who is also a talented musician!

Outside of work, Amber says she most enjoys spending time with her daughter Iris, but also she loves playing shows with her band. Amber has been part of the band “In Due Time,” which performs both covers and original music, for about 5-6 years now. She is the lead singer for the band but also plays guitar.

Amber has been interested in music since she was about 13 years old. Her dad was a musician growing up, so both she and her brother were musical early on in life. In school, Amber was part of the jazz choir and show choir. When she was 13 her dad got her her first guitar, so she starting playing and writing songs. When she was done with school she fell off of the music for a while, until a few years ago when a longtime friend approached her saying “Let’s get this band going!”

In Due Time is comprised of Amber, the singer, Risty, the drummer, Jeremy, the bassist, and Johnny, the guitarist who also vocalizes. When asked how she’s evolved over the years, she said “I feel like I used to play more generic, easy songs but we have progressively been playing more difficult ones. Once Johnny joined the band we really elevated and took off from there.”

If you’re interested in checking out In Due Time, you can find them here on Facebook! They sell merchandise and keep an updated schedule of their upcoming shows there. Amber also highlights the band on her Instagram and Tik Tok, you can find it by searching Amber Britton! They play all over Siouxland and also travel to small towns like Sloan and Onawa for performances. They are starting to gather a large collection of original tracks, and have plans to record an EP sometime after fall that will thereafter be available for purchase.

Amber said she has a passion for music because it gives her an escape from her normal day-to-day life. She explained, “I spend most of my time being professional or being a wife and mom, and when I’m on stage I’m able to channel another side of myself and really just cut loose and have fun and it feels very freeing.”

Be sure to check out Amber’s band’s Facebook page, visit one of their shows, and say “Hi!” if you’re ever in the Midlands Cosmetic office!

In Due Time


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